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Astralseid was featured in episode #244, broadcast on 9 May 2020

Astralseid - Gustav Holberg - Runahild - Electronic music of Brainvoyager - Electronic Fusion

Tracks played

From the album “Spirit Symbiosis”:

1. Mushroomhunt

About Astralseid


Astralseid is an electronic music project…

…started by Runahild and Gustav Holberg in 2018. It is hard to describe the music of Astralseid with a single word. They do not limit themselves to a single genre or style. Astralseid just wants to make music they enjoy themselves, inspired by all they do and their experiences in life. Astralseid mixes it all into one great pot of joy, love, and ecstasy. For them, their music is deeply spiritual, a way of expressing the energies of both the outer universe and the inner core of their souls.

Seid is an ancient spiritual path of the north, where the seidmadr or seid-folk connect to the primal energies of the universe through trance and ecstasy. By song, dance, and rhythm the seid-folk enters a deep transcendent state of mind. They journey through time and space, see the whole of the universe, and manifest its energies into our world through sound. In this state of mind all things become one. Seid is a way of life, with a deep connection with nature. They are spiritual warriors fighting for peace and enlightenment, through love. They bring light to shadow and fear not the underworld.


The project Astralseid…

…is also a way for Runahild and Gustav Holberg to step outside their own musical comfort-zone, into unknown territory. Also, it is about not taking themselves too seriously, to create with humor and joy, even for the darkest of tunes. Hence, this is also why they are not creating music of one specific genre. They simply do not want to put such a limit to what they are creating.

With decades of doing both music and seid, Astralseid gives you this from their hearts and soul. For them this is a deep spiritual journey; for you, whatever you make of it. Runahild and Gustav Holberg hope it makes you dance, trance, and feel alive.


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  5. Bandcamp

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