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With this post I would like to draw your attention to a wonderful American radio station: A.V.A Live Radio. This radio station is dedicated to indie artists from all over the world, offering them the opportunity to become a member of their music community. They have given me that chance too and as a result I had an interview in their show last May, 27th. A.V.A Live Radio doesn’t limit itself to a certain music genre but is always trying to cover as many music genres as possible.

I will let A.V.A Live Radio speak for itself by the voice of Jacqueline Jax. I will present parts of the website of A.V.A Live Radio here. Of course you will be provided with all the relevant links to direct you to A.V.A Live Radio right away so that you – as an indie artist – can get in touch with them quickly. My advice: don’t hesitate!

May I present your host: Jacqueline Jax!



Jacqueline Jax, Entertainment Host of A.V.A Live Radio


“My goal is to help new artists launch their careers by providing them with resources, knowledge and a launching platform for their music. The show programming focuses on Artists teaching other Artists how to get to the next level in this ever changing world of music.”

A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music

A.V.A Live Radio - Behind the Music 

A.V.A Live Radio – Who we are

I’m Jacqueline Jax, producer and host of A.V.A Live Radio, “The Voice of the New Music Generation.” www.AvALiveRadio.com is an indie radio station solely dedicated to helping struggling independent artists in a new and innovative way. Our station not only provides new artists with a platform to tell their story, we get their music heard by finding just the right people to get the music in front of. From movies to management, we don’t only play the best independent artists from around the world, we are working hard behind the scenes to get their music heard by industry professionals who are already searching for movie sound tracks, indie artist tours, commercials, events, and recording contracts. In addition, A.V.A Live Radio also provides a mentoring program where artists give back to other artists, educational resources on the music industry as well as personal and business branding from industry professionals in our community to those who need help thru our Game Changers Series interviews. We are committed to staying a 100% Commercial FREE Radio station, free from censorship just like the independent artists we support.


Artist mentoring program

Something that you may not be aware of is our mentoring program that happens behind the scenes. Every artist who submits music for airplay is reviewed and evaluated by knowledgeable music industry professionals for recording quality, vocal ability and creative originality. If an artist isn’t ready to go live, we provide them with an experienced mentor to help them with guidance. The amazing people who mentor for A.V.A Live Radio are all talented artists and music industry professionals happy to give back to our music community because they believe in our vision and know how important this step is to a new artist.


A place to grow

Artists need encouragement, knowledge, experience, and a place to grow. A place with no boundaries, no limitations, a place where they feel comfortable being themselves. As an artist myself, I have looked to surround myself with supportive people and consider myself very lucky to be a part if this amazing community that has gathered around the A.V.A. As the host of this amazing show, I have had the ability to see first-hand what this station has brought to new artists over the three years we have been working towards this vision and I know that we make a difference in people’s lives and I believe that this station has the capabilities to help people all over the world on levels of education, inspiration, creativity, culture, and community. I am so excited to see you all become a part of our A.V.A Live Radio Team.


Risks and challenges

Producing a weekly completely uncensored independent show is not easy. With your generous donations, we have been doing it successfully for 3 solid seasons and we are currently setting a goal to triple our programming. That means we will be opening up more live show slots to interview amazing people like yourself live on syndicated radio. All we need is a donation from you. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of our show or joining our exclusive list of creative and talented featured guests, now’s your chance to do it up in style and really make a difference!

Submitting your music to A.V.A Live Radio


Let’s be honest; finding credible music industry professionals to review your music isn’t easy. Most people don’t have the time unless they are personal friends and if they are close to you they won’t be objective. In addition, they may be afraid to hurt your feelings with the truth or a constructive critic. Indie radio stations would be a much better solution because they listen to so many music artists on a daily basis and have a vast knowledge on what’s current and comparative to your market. But the trouble lies in finding indie stations that have a program in place to provide you with a review and feature story. Most indie radio stations and music blogs don’t have the staff to dedicate to this necessary but time consuming task. So what can you do?

I’m not going to lie to you; getting blogs and reputable indie stations to pay attention to your music is quite difficult. Most do have a submit page available but do not offer any kind of feedback as to why they won’t play your music or what you could do to improve and achieve that radio ready sound.

We have a great solution for you…


Get Reviewed

It only takes a few minutes to sign up to get your live performance video or latest recorded song reviewed and be considered for a featured interview on A.V.A Live Radio. In addition, the positive reviews are all published on the internationally known A.V.A Live Radio web site, and that review will be hand delivered to a variety of internet magazines for publication. So you will not only have a fabulous review to share with your fans and use in your own mailers, the review will also publish on our web site and will be submitted to our affiliated publications as well along with our music industry network of films, corporations and venues seeking new music.


Climb The Chart

Each month A.V.A Live Radio will select the top 12 recorded songs submitted and top 12 Live Performance videos to be featured on our music charts for voting and consistently pressed out on social media. For 4 years this method has helped new talent to break through, build their fan base and get discovered by key professionals in the music industry.

It gets even better… The winner will be featured live on the radio for an interview that will be pressed out for publication to a variety of internet blogs and magazines. Now how’s that for a powerful push into the media?


Improvement Review

If your live performance video or latest recorded song doesn’t get a great review, we will offer you ways to improve it via email.. You will also be able to tap into our database of talented music industry professionals who will be happy to mentor you to the next level. We don’t leave our artists floundering and confused. The main goal is to help you rise to the top by providing you with key resources and knowledge that will help you succeed. You are never alone when you become part of the A.V.A Live Radio family.


Get Started Now!

Submit your song or live performance video to be reviewed. Please only submit one song or live video performance at a time. You will receive a confirmation email once you have submitted your info to complete the process so be sure to double check that you have given us a valid and complete email address. Submit your music by following this link: Submit my music.

A.V.A Live Radio Poster


The A.V.A (American Vocal Academy) started as an online music community of singers, song writers and industry professionals from around the world who strive to support the new generation of music. By coming together they formed a strong online force of over 47,000 people willing to help and contribute their knowledge to nurture young artists and develop talent. The people involved with the A.V.A have all pledged to contribute their talents on a regular basis to the growth of the independent artist and are dedicated to the cause. Now just 4 years later we have grown into an enormous network of artists, music & movie industry professionals and indie music fans. Reaching 55 million people through multi-channel syndication a year. We hope that you will join us in our quest to keep music alive and thriving in the world.

Together we are strong… With the A.V.A behind you, no one person shall walk alone, we don’t just help artists, we kick start careers!

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