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Ceramic was featured in episode #362, broadcast on 13 August 2022

Ceramic - Daman Hoffman - Electronic music of Brainvoyager - Electronic Fusion

Tracks played

From the album “Tender Hearth”:

1. Still, This Untended Hearth Remembers Blue Blazes

From the album “Sleeping Pools”:

1. Slow Dive Into The Sleeping Pool
2. Waterfall Of Human Ambivalence 

About Ceramic


Ceramic is Daman Hoffman, a sound healer based in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. In recent years, he has been releasing ambient & meditation music featuring gongs, harmonium, harps, flutes, chimes, and singing bowls, etc under Embassy of Sound & Ethereal Planes (a duo with Jason Watts). His newest project is different as it is completely synth-based. He calls it Ceramic because that describes the process for how he shapes the digital sounds until they express the emotion he’s working through, and then glazes & fires them by adding effects & mastering the recording. The final song being something like a ceramic sound vessel that can hold the story he needed to convey or a space for the listener to fill.

The songs have a vintage vibe to them which hearkens backs to Daman’s teenage years in the 90’s when he got his first keyboard. He recalls playing with the programmed synth pads for hours every night trying to sound like the music heard on Echoes or the popular Pure Moods compilations of the time.


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