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Computerchemist was featured in episode #192, broadcast on 11 May 2019

Computerchemist - Dave Pearson - Electronic music of Brainvoyager - Electronic Fusion

Track played

From the album “Volcan Dreams”:

1. Volcan Plain

About Computerchemist


Hailing from Hungary…

…Computerchemist is the acclaimed British multi-instrumentalist musician/composer Dave Pearson. He has for over the past twenty years been applying his unique style of electronic wizardry and talent on a number of solo project releases. Encompassing aspects of Progressive Rock, Berlin School, Krautrock and Psychedelic Rock, Pearson stretches, twists and often totally throws away any conventional approaches to music. Instead, he is creating something from a new, fresh perspective which will challenge and engage your music listening sensibilities to the max.

From humble beginnings Dave Pearson has played keys in rock bands in the mid-80s with longtime friend and guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite (Mission UK, Peter Murphy). Hence, he quickly established himself a niche in the electronic music scene. He achieves this by bringing with him the many crossover influences of rock, classical and jazz. This imparts his music with a more dynamic and fresh appeal, not just to EM fans but those in other musical genres too.


For this, his eighth solo album…

…Computerchemist has gone back to basics and produced 5 new tracks completely in the analogue domain. He is harking back to the strong 70’s influences of Krautrock and Berlin School, such as Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze. With guest appearances from Chris Gill (Band of Rain) and Zsolt Galántai (MAYA, Rusty Gold, Ossian) this album is sure to hit the sweet spot for analogue fans of ‘old school’ synthesizer music.

Bruce Gall’s EM show ‘Atmospheres’ on OWMR premiered the album on March 10th, 2019, together with a recorded interview with Dave.

“Volcan Dreams” was self-released on Computerchemist’s private label Terrainflight on 10th March 2019. The artist is currently unsigned to any commercial label but is open to offers in the future.

Computerchemist’s catalogue can be purchased on CD from and in the US or direct from the artist’s site via Digital distribution is through,, Apple iTunes, Spotify and other popular streaming services.


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