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Dibcadbu was featured in episode #120, broadcast on 23 December 2017

Henry Birdseye - Dibcadbu - Modular - Electronic Music of Brainvoyager

Tracks played

From the album “Modular”:

1. Lazy Mellow Record
2. Mellow Groove

About Dibcadbu

Dibcadbu is Henry Birdseye. He hails from Detroit, and he loves modular synthesizers. Modular synthesizers have been his interest and his passion ever since he heard the classical record “Switched-on Bach”. In Henry’s view this most popular classical recording of all time demonstrated that synthesizers could be played to make “real” music, and not a bunch of bloopy and beepy sounds.

Dibcadbu has been synthesizing since he bought his first synthesizer in 1973, an ARP2600. Fast forward 40 years and Eurorack came into the studio. His pieces are sequencer based. When he records a piece, he creates as many voices as he can at a time. Then he records them on separate tracks, and re-edits and applies FX to finish. In Dibcadbu’s point of view it is all about the harmonies and counterpoint between the various voices.


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1. Official website
2. Bandcamp
3. Soundcloud

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