Flyers and playlists of radio show Electronic Fusion

Flyers and playlists

Below you find as comments to this blog post the flyers and playlists of all episodes of Electronic Fusion so far. Click “Older Comments” to go to the next page. Every next page has 20 flyers & playlists.

Electronic Fusion is solely dedicated to electronic music of various styles. The episode’s playlist will appear every Sunday at 8 pm CET/CEST.

Electronic Fusion on Mixcloud

Do you want to listen to the episodes of Brainvoyager’s radio show Electronic Fusion again? Or did you miss an episode? Do you want to listen to Electronic Fusion at a moment that is more convenient for you than the scheduled dates & times of the radio stations?

Well, you can. You can listen to Electronic Fusion on its Mixcloud channel whenever you want and as many times you want at no cost! Every Sunday at 8:00 pm CET/CEST the latest episode becomes available on Mixcloud.

There is a link to the corresponding broadcast on Mixcloud on top of every playlist you see below.

Via the blue buttons you can check out the Mixcloud channel of Electronic Fusion and learn about the benefits and incentives you get when you become a Mixcloud Select subscriber to the Mixcloud channel of Electronic Fusion.

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    Electronic Fusion Select is only available to Mixcloud Select subscribers. Get your subscription here.

    Tracklist Electronic Fusion Select #58, released on 15 August 2022

    1. Robert Rich: ‘Star Maker’, album ‘Below Zero’ (1998)
    2. Robert Rich: ‘Vertigo’, album ‘Calling Down The Sky’ (2003)
    3. Robert Rich: ‘The Other Side Of Twilight’, album ‘Numena’ (1997)
    4. Rudy Adrian: ‘Distant Stars’, album ‘Distant Stars’ (2010)
    5. Rudy Adrian: ‘Track 4’, album ‘Radio Promo Live’ (2006)
    6. Rudy Adrian: ‘Wind In The Trees’, album ‘Sequencer Rarities’ (2017)


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