Free airplay in Electronic Fusion?

Here is how…

Are you an electronic artist or band?

You can have free airplay in radio show Electronic Fusion of Brainvoyager. If you would like your electronic music to be played in Electronic Fusion on Modul303 from Germany, on Radio Dark Tunnel from Germany and on from the USA, I kindly invite you to make that happen by submitting your music. The aim is to fill an episode of Electronic Fusion solely with electronic music that is submitted by you all.

Electronic music styles that you want to submit may vary between ambient, downtempo, atmospheric, chill-out, soundtracks, Berlin School, cinematic, classical and light-weight club, trance and progressive (maximum bpm 120). No rap and no hip hop please!

When you are still in doubt whether to submit your music or not, please check the flyers and playlists of the previous episodes of Electronic Fusion. This will give you a good idea of what styles are acceptable. Also, on top of each episode’s playlist you find the Mixcloud link to that episode. So, you can also listen to what has been played before.

What is needed from you?

1. Your track(s) or, preferably, your album(s)
Preferred formats: WAVE, FLAC, MP3 (320 kbps).

2. Info about the tracks
Are they single releases or releases on an album? Release year? It is useless to promote music that is not available for purchase or as give away. Therefore, I require that the music you submit is available to the audience if they would like to obtain it, be it as a purchase or as a gift. So please also state how and where the listeners of the show can obtain your music by providing the link(s)!

3. A (short) bio
For sharing on this website and in the show before your track(s) will play (written in the third person singular)

4. Your links to your social media & website
For sharing on this website.

5. Your email address
I will never disclose your email address on this website. I need your email address for sending notifications if your music gets airtime.

How to submit your music?

For free airplay you can submit your tracks or albums preferably by using a cloud service like, among others, DropBox or OneDrive and sending me the download links. Additionally, if possible, you can send me a redeem code of e.g. Bandcamp. Please use the contact form in the main menu, or just click here. Finally, I have very good experiences with WeTransfer too.

You can keep submitting your music to get free airplay in future episodes of “Electronic Fusion” as there are no deadlines.

I will listen to all the tracks you have submitted before I can include them in the show. This means that I cannot guarantee beforehand that free airplay of a submitted track indeed will happen.

Is this free airplay really free?

Absolutely! First of all, it’s all about the music and not about the money. However…

…here on Electronic Music of Brainvoyager I will share all your links after a show that included your track(s) has been broadcast. Therefore, in return I would highly appreciate it if you could share the following websites on your social media:

Gotten curious?

Are you curious to see how promotion of your bio and links on this website will look like? Click the button to discover numerous promotional pages of electronic artists and bands that have already been featured in radio show Electronic Fusion!

Bring on the music!

Submissions of electronic music in music styles as mentioned above are always welcome. After all, the show’s name is still “Electronic Fusion”.

Extremely important!

I am receiving more and more submissions lately, which is great! However, serious consideration of all submissions has become very time consuming, which is…, ummm…, great too!! But please take good note of all the info and requirements under “What is needed from you” before you decide to submit your music.

If you do not meet all the requirements directly upon submitting your music, I cannot take your music into consideration. Unfortunately, I don’t have time enough to start email conversations in order to obtain missing info after receiving incomplete submissions. Therefore, I will not notify you if something is missing and your submission will not make it to the show’s playlist.

I regularly receive messages of only one or two sentences plus a link to a streaming service like SoundCloud or Spotify. Besides the fact that I do not have a Spotify account, I always delete these kind of “submissions” immediately from my inbox. So please, don’t send me “submissions” like that; I will not take them into consideration.

It’s only up to me to decide whether a submission will be granted airtime or not. I will always notify you when your music makes it to the playlist of Electronic Fusion, and I always try to do so within 3 weeks after receiving your submission. So, please bear with me.

Unfortunately, if I cannot play your music in Electronic Fusion, I will not notify you. In the recent past I kind of lost myself in numerous email conversations, defending my decision not to play the music that was submitted. Not only I do not have time for this, I do not want it either. Rejecting a submission generally does not mean the music is not good enough, it usually means the music does not fit into the show’s formula. Most importantly, I have to like the music as well!

Oh, one last thing. I will never pay for music that you would like to submit.

Thanks for your patience and, most of all, for your understanding!

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