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Jodie Lowther was featured in episode #205, broadcast on 10 August 2019

Jodie Lowther - Electronic music of Brainvoyager - Electronic Fusion

Tracks played

From the album “The Cat Collects”:

1. Verdigris Bones
2. The Living Ones

About Jodie Lowther

Jodie Lowther is one half on London-based electronic band Quimper, whom we’ve been covering for a few years now. Jodie provides vocals and visual art for Quimper, but she is an experimental musician in her own right and has released four albums since 2013.



Jodie’s first solo album is Klepsydra, Polish for hourglass, from 2013. Klepsydra is a set of 25 short instrumental tracks lasting roughly 36 minutes. The first two are sterile, flat, and cold electronic soundscapes. The remainder have a fuller bodied sound, showcasing Jodie’s different sonic visions. All are different, though Jodie has a penchant for cavernous sound textures and her wordless singing. Many of the tracks have Japanese-sounding titles like “Onibi,” “Ittan-moment,” “Zorigami,” “Furu-utsubo,” etc. But the music is definitely not Asian at all. Many are abstract soundscapes, others more ethereal, and some with a melodic structure. Most are very short snippets of compositions, but they seem to be of the proper duration, and all seen through Jodie’s dark outré lens.


Circles and Holes

Three years later Jodie released Circles and Holes, a collection of 20 short experimental sound sketches, spanning 34 minutes, reminiscent of the cassette culture. Each piece is unique and abstract, some with rhythmic electronics, others with dark spooky soundscapes or unidentified scraping sounds. Occasionally a bit of melody and Jodie’s wordless singing will peek through her electronic curtains. Jodie Lowther loves exploring different sound textures, at times over-processing the source material, like on the 59-second “Elephant Bells.” “The Wintertime Quadrant” is the only piece that recalls other music. Its odd electronics, repeated rhythms, and off beat loops sounds a bit like early Der Plan. I am not exactly sure when Jodie recorded these pieces, but there they sound very much like those on Klepsydra.


Skeleton Moon

Jodie Lowther’s third album, Skeleton Moon, was released in 2017 and marks a definite progression and maturation in her music. The compositions are now longer, 20 instrumentals clocking in at a total of 45 minutes, and several of the tracks sounding orchestrated instead of the moody sound poems on her first two albums. Once again, each of the 20 tracks is unique, but with a unifying theme of sadness and various forms of death. Jodie definitely has a dark side, which has also manifested itself in her work with Quimper.

Jodie continues to favor cavernous reverb, which adds to the spooky, wintry full moon on the album artwork. As you experience the twenty tracks you move from a crystal-clear night and a full moon to clouds slowly moving in with snow flurries for a floating and soothing ambient experience, all the while being lured by Jodie’s siren-like wordless singing into oblivion.


The Cat Collects

The latest album of Jodie Lowther is The Cat Collects, released in 2019. This is the album in which Jodie shows herself in the process of becoming a butterfly, safely tucked away in a cocoon that she has opened up for us to crawl in with her, unafraid and loyal sharing this intimate space of music like a warm pleasant shelter that we could be in after cleaning out feet. Here we can be good guests, being extremely warm welcomed and nicely treated by the gentleness of our beloved host who isn’t at all afraid to open the door for us as we knock on it with fierce anticipation, ready to be met with coziness that feels as equally intriguing as stepping into someone’s magical and deeply personal heart.


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