John Luttrell


Featured in radio show “Electronic Fusion”


John Luttrell was featured in episode #62, broadcast on 11 November 2016

John Luttrell - Electronic Music of Brainvoyager - Electronic Fusion

Tracks played

From the album “The Corridors Of Time”:

1. Cloud Walk

From the album “Flying Lessons”:

2. Rooftop Ballet

About John Luttrell

John Luttrell is a composer and producer of electronic and acoustic music. His works include solo guitar and piano, ambient and progressive rock, as well as scores for films and multimedia.

A “citizen of the world” John was born in Venezuela in 1957. Growing up he lived in the US, Libya, Nigeria, and Switzerland. In the early 70s, John became immersed in the music of groups such as Yes, ELP, Pink Floyd, Genesis, The Moody Blues, Tangerine Dream, and Mike Oldfield.

At the height of the 70s British rock explosion John was in London and joined the band Chillum, playing both guitar and organ. Luttrell went from London to Phoenix, Arizona where he studied electronics engineering, to explore his interest in synthesizers and electronic music.

In the 80s John played guitar and sang in the Los Angeles-based prog rock trio Helios with high school friend Dave Veirs (keyboard/vocals/guitar), and Tony Betino (drums).

With the release of Underwater Flying Lessons in 2000, John embarked on a journey into Atmospheric Music, followed up by A Sense of Impending Levitation (2004), The Corridors of Time (2007), and The Dream Exchange (2014).


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