Kuutana is Sequential Dreams and Luna Firma


Featured in radio show “Electronic Fusion”


Kuutana was featured with his projects Sequential Dreams and Luna Firma in episode #62, broadcast on 11 November 2016

Kuutana on Electronic Music of Brainvoyager - Electronic Fusion

Tracks played

Sequential Dreams – from the album “Theory Of Love”:

1. The Electric Monk (from album Legends, 2016)

Luna Firma – from the album “Theory Of Love”:

1. Krun Macula (from album New Horizons, 2016)

Intro: Kuutana and Borders Edge Records

´Kuutana´ is the artist name of Canadian multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Ron Charron. He has released more than twenty albums in the ambient, new age, chill, EM and psychedelic progressive rock genres.

Kuutana also founded the Borders Edge Records Label in 2010. Borders Edge Records is a record label producing and publishing albums of various music genres worldwide.

He is a member of the part-time faculty and also teaches music and digital media interest students at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada, where he was previously schooled in digital music production.

Kuutana has released music under the project names Sequential Dreams and Luna Firma.


About Sequential Dreams

The Sequential Dreams project, launched in 2011, has evolved through the sequences and spirals of berlin-school influenced electronic music, at times bordering on instrumental electronic rock. The project has featured an international cast of guest artists with similar influences over the years.

In its latest formation for the ‘Legends’ album, Ron is joined by former Tangerine Dream guitarist Bernhard Beibl, pianist Kori L. Carothers, and composer Ryo Utasato.

The Tangerine Dream spinoff influence is again in the works as Ron works to produce the eight Sequential Dreams album called ‘Exodus Wave’ with Bernhard Beibl, and recurring guest artist and Synthesist Chris Pearre.

Also to feature in the upcoming album set to release early 2017 is Arend Westra, known for his work under the ‘Eagle’ project name.


About Luna Firma

The Luna Firma project was launched in early 2016 with a debut release called ‘Falling Towards Atlantis’.

In its latest release the ‘New Horizons’ album, themed after the NASA space mission to the outer reaches of the solar system, also features co-founders Kuutana and Eric ‘the’ Taylor, both known for their previous ambient music solo and project work. The latest album projects sounds and ambiences which at times reminds of Vangelis and others of ambient composer Brian Eno.


All links to Sequential Dreams’ & Luna Firma’s media

1. Website Borders Edge Records
2. Bandcamp Sequential Dreams
3. CD Baby Sequential Dreams
4. Bandcamp Luna Firma
5. CD Baby Luna Firma

All links to Kuutana’s media

6. Website Kuutana
7. Who is Kuutana?
8. Facebook Kuutana
9. Twitter Kuutana

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