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Mastering music with iZotope Ozone 6 Advanced


Today it’s time for a somewhat technical story, but I think it’s a nice one. Nice for your ears, that is. It’s about the process of mastering music and remastering my older tracks.

I have always mastered my music on a track by track basis in my DAW Ableton Live 9. I never applied further mastering on the master channel in Ableton Live 9. Some time ago I acquired iZotope Ozone 6 Advanced, a professional mastering suite that can be used as a plugin in Ableton Live 9 and as a stand-alone solution. I prefer to use Ozone as a stand-alone solution.


iZotope Ozone 6 Advanced

iZotope Ozone 6 Advanced


So nowadays I only do basic mastering in Ableton Live 9 on the individual tracks and then export the music to an undithered 48.000Hz/32-bit stereo wave file that can be loaded into Ozone 6. In Ozone 6 I do all the further mastering. Ozone 6 comes with a whole bunch of presets and I have found that there’s always a preset that meets my needs for a great deal. That means that presets serve as a great starting point. From this starting point I tweak the presets just as long as it takes to let my tracks sound perfect.

The results, as opposed to my former releases of the same tracks, are just awesome! I’m very happy with all my remastered tracks. They sound much better now. I have uploaded them to my SoundCloud; I simply replaced the older versions with the brand new remastered ones. This way I did not lose all the statistic info and comments that were already present for and on my tracks.

I will make all remastered music available in the stores soon (Bandcamp & the Music Shop on my website). I will replace the current versions in these stores with the remastered versions.

You are kindly invited to judge my remastered tracks for yourself. I hope you enjoy them and I would like to hear your comments!

These are the tracks that have been remastered (so far) and uploaded to my SoundCloud:

  1. A Touch Of Oblivion
  2. Floating Through Colorful Realms
  3. Awake In Swirling Dreams
  4. Drifting Memories
  5. All That Has Been
  6. Ascension
  7. Some Gentle Shades Of Light

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