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Melodywhore was featured in episode #201, broadcast on 13 July 2019

Melodywhore - James Reyna - Electronic music of Brainvoyager - Electronic Fusion

Tracks played

From the album “Xenophilia”:

1. Astronaut
2. The Resistance

About Melodywhore

James Reyna is Melodywhore. He began around the year 2000 and was spurred by some drastic changes in his writing methods. This was caused by a financial need to sell music gear. Therefore, he moved from a hardware set up to a computer based set up, using loops and one shots. This evolved into using a more conventional DAW and to where he is today, still computer-based creation.

Melodywhore spins his own weekly radio show, and he is currently working on releasing an EP. Also, he´s partaking in a new electro industrial collaboration between Cyber Shaman and Voxlucis, under the name Corpsegrindr.


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