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Nieder was featured in episode #20 on 22 January 2016, episode #31 on 8 April 2016, episode #52 on 2 September 2016 and episode #75 on 10 February 2017.


Tracks played

In episode #20:

1. Frozen Fellow

In episode #31:

1. You Fall
2. One More Revolution

In episode #52:

1. Cluster 5

In episode #75:

1. We Are The Innocence

About Nieder

Nieder is located in Mainz, a town in the southwest of Germany and he has been creating electronic music since 25 years. He is making music in a traditional electronic instrumental way, but in the last years also in a song-oriented way, sometimes with voice, like you hear in the new song “Frozen Fellow”.

He has released three CDs in the past 15 years: “Still Waters”, as an instrumental classical electronic album; “See you”, as an electronic art pop album with female voice; and “The dance’s hour”, as a progressive electronic album.

In the last two years he composed some new single tracks. Two of them are “Frozen Fellow” and “Cluster 5”. “Cluster 5” has a share of dancefloor vibes and a dreamy atmosphere.


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