Electronic Fusion and electronic music

Mission of the show

Electronic Fusion is a weekly radio show of two hours, solely dedicated to electronic music of various styles. The show took off with episode #1 on 18 September 2015. Electronic Fusion does not want to feature and to promote only the world’s best known and most famous electronic artists and bands. Therefore, the show highly encourages music submissions from electronic (indie) artists and bands coming from all over the world. See this page as to how you can submit music and what requirements the music submitted has to meet.

To promote artists and bands who are featured in the show even more, they also have a promotional page on Electronic Music of Brainvoyager. See this page for an overview of the already featured artists and bands.

Brainvoyager - Jos Verboven - Electronic Music Of Brainvoyager

Electronic Fusion: when, where? (Re)listen & see the music played

Meet the radio stations & record labels

Logo Modul303 - Brainvoyager

Modul303 from Germany

In October 2016, the German radio station Modul303 started broadcasting Electronic Fusion. Modul303 is a radio station that broadcasts electronic music 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Modul303 focuses more on the genres in electronic music I myself appreciate most; genres that always have a dominant place in Electronic Fusion since I have my “electronic roots” there.

Modul303 is the radio station that comes closest to my “electronic roots”. Therefore Modul303 always has the première of the new episode of the show. Every Saturday I present a new episode. The show will re-run every Thursday.

Click the image to visit this station’s website.

Logo SCIFI.radio - Brainvoyager

SCIFI.radio from the USA

In October 2019 the USA based radio station SCIFI.radio (formerly known as Krypton Radio) started broadcasting Electronic Fusion. SCIFI.radio is the world’s most popular science fiction themed radio station.

From game, movie and TV soundtracks and filk to fascinating sci-fi and fantasy themed talk shows to ripping adventure serials, SCIFI.radio is the radio station you’ve been waiting for all your life. It’s Sci-Fi for your Wifi!

Every Sunday I present a new episode, which is the episode that premièred on Modul303 on the Saturday before. The show will re-run 12 hours later on the same day.

Click the image to visit this station’s website.

Logo Radio Dark Tunnel - Brainvoyager

Radio Dark Tunnel from Germany

In March 2020, the German radio station Radio Dark Tunnel started broadcasting Electronic Fusion.

Radio Dark Tunnel is a radio station dedicated to all forms of alternative music, new and old sounds. The station is independent and non-profit. Radio Dark Tunnel’s DJs are all voluntary and spinning the sounds for their passion for music. Genres include: EBM, industrial, wave, gothic, synthpop, futurepop, dreampop, rock, classic and much much more!

Every Sunday I present a new episode, which is the episode that premièred on Modul303 on the Saturday before.

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Discover the seven renowned electronic music labels that support radio show Electronic Fusion

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Logo Groove Unlimited - Brainvoyager

The Netherlands

Logo Legacy of Thought - Brainvoyager

The Netherlands

Logo Spotted Peccary Music - Brainvoyager


Logo Projekt Records - Brainvoyager


Logo DiN - Brainvoyager


Logo Manikin Records - Brainvoyager


Logo Cyclical Dreams - Brainvoyager



Electronic Fusion on Mixcloud

Do you want to listen to the episodes of Brainvoyager’s radio show Electronic Fusion again? Or did you miss an episode? Do you want to listen to the show at a moment that is more convenient for you than the scheduled dates & times of the radio stations?

Well, you can. You can listen to Electronic Fusion on its Mixcloud channel whenever you want!

Every Sunday at 8:00 pm CET/CEST the latest episode becomes available on Mixcloud. Click the Mixcloud banner to go there and to pick an episode of your liking.

There is also a direct link to the corresponding broadcast on Mixcloud on top of every playlist that you see on the page with all the flyers & playlists. So you don´t need to go to the overview page on Mixcloud first. You choose!

Mixcloud Logo

Mixcloud Select, what is it?

Subscribe directly to radio show Electronic Fusion on Mixcloud for €2.99/month to get unlimited access to the episodes. With your Select subscription you directly support radio show Electronic Fusion, plus the artists played in the show.

As a free listener without a Select subscription, you will only be able to seek forwards in an episode, not backwards. Also, you are only able to listen to a single episode 3 times within a rolling 14-day period.

Also, as a Select Subscriber you can see the tracklist of an episode prior to playback. Some episodes of Electronic Fusion contain copyrighted content which cannot be enabled for free users due to Mixcloud’s licensing agreements. Last but not least, Select subscribers can download episodes to the Mixcloud app to listen anytime, anywhere.

You can easily lift all these limitations by subscribing to the Mixcloud channel of Electronic Fusion. 

An extra incentive for Select Subscribers: Electronic Fusion Select

Only Select Subscribers have access to the special editions Electronic Fusion Select. These editions are solely created for the Select subscribers of Electronic Fusion. Every month, on the 1st and 15th, a new Select edition is exclusively released on Mixcloud. These editions are not broadcast by any radio station.