Etherica Blue George WallaceEtherica Blue

  1. DayDance
  2. Lilah of the Spirited Light
  3. Dancing Down the River Mystic
  4. Tears of Recognition
  5. When Wishes Come True
  6. Let Evening Come
  7. PrettyStars

Release Details

Genre : Ambient, Atmospheric, Cinematic, Electronic, Meditative, Melodic
Label : AirBorn Music
Country : USA
Format : CD, Digital album
Date : April 11, 2024


Etherica Blue – AirBorn Music


Cinematic rhythm powered etheric instrumental music which speaks of enlightenment and positivity in a world that can really use it. A rich, dream-soaked tapestry of musical inspiration, woven with spiritual undertones and ambient-laced combinations of orchestral and acoustic instruments, sensual grooves, electronica, and sounds from the natural world. This is an album I feel needs to be enjoyed, as it is some of the ‘prettiest’, most heartfelt music I have heard in the past few years.

Dreamy and Melodic Delights that Sing in the Heart and Soul.


1. The tracks of Etherica Blue


What starts my journey here are …

…light chimes and percussion presented with a full orchestral vision. I really like the little ting sounds. The pace is regal (never too fast, always noble and calm) and the sound is in full color. I love the spectrums of chimes and percussion in the granular mists. What stands out is an atmosphere delicate and chill, with a fretless bass. I am lost forever in a fretless talking bass. There are also some huge gongs in there later on. The first track is “DayDance” (7:31) with the flute and hand drums a man sings some kind of prayer or invocation, with lots of nice tingling ringing metal in a crisp groove, chime instruments that ting and reverberate in polyrhythmic beats and melodic voices, now add flute winds and air sounds.

DayDance is for enjoying the morning energy and the sun, discovering new vistas, voices from far away with gongs and chimes floating in and away. The second track comes on strong and starts low, “Lilah of the Spirited Light” (10:36). Here a regal tale of wonder and the light gets stronger as more instruments join. To me the Night sound is uplifting and empowering, those moaning strings, fretless bass, cello and fingers on strings, here is a story of Lilah with lots of changes and capricious moods. The flow sometimes fades into chime bells, bells and slight electronic touches and shivers.


There are fingers on classical guitar…

…and the fretless bass we love. There are soon strings, amazing orchestral touches and here is where the fretless is talking and lingering in twilight singing, I am soaring. Some say that the name Lilah invokes a seductive, delicate, and dark beauty, perhaps even a creature of the night in folklore, I do not know what to think about that. The sound is rich and changes nicely as it wings along. The Spirited Light is aptly named, everybody taking to the air together.

The guitar and easy soaring magic joins in “Dancing Down the River Mystic” (7:57), moving along at a comfortable fast pace flying along. I feel like my ears are dancing on ice skates, upbeat and kinetic, getting things done with music that is playfully sunny. There is abundant activity and color. The easy swaying and soaring just keeps bringing the excitement up and across, voices in the wind, guitar, punchy bass, and the skating tings.

Now everything sort of dissolves into fading sparkles, until the feeling regroups and becomes triumphant and stronger, track 4 “Tears of Recognition” (8:21) makes a slow fragile delicate sentimental entry, getting stronger very gradually and easily swirling up. I enjoy the piano splendor which comes rising up getting deeper and lighter, I tell you the vista is uplifting, with the piano comes a melodic flowing and changing slowly up into a new world that I remember.


Come shivering in from the darkness…

…”When Wishes Come True” (6:32) for a happily-ever-after story with sunshine in abundance, a feel good, lost-in-the-movies with orchestral details and crossover classical refreshment. There is a lush sudden shift to floating prayer bells and distant carnival sounds, a shifting bell soundscape. Now to wish for guitar happiness, perhaps a festive medieval carnival feeling with woodwinds and frame drum in the mix, that would be my dream, and sure enough, the whole orchestra is here, I am dining with a merry lark. The feast is very rich, full symphonic deliciously understated; I am feeling fabulous as I am floating off into the ting zone.

There is a subtle wooden instrument, one of my favorites, a tree gamelan slowly emerging and gaining strength, “Let Evening Come” (8:19) also features the sounds that make me think of kalimba oboe woodwind and stardust synthesizer. The feeling is positively relaxing and inspirational, like a flock of birds flying together as one, the flow can change direction and bring in keyboard instruments, I hear celestial changes again as the evening grows. I am left soaring in blessed darkness.


Now the moment grows and the…

…pause extends, the colors steadily rise from the darkness, with floating flute clouds. I can take a big deep sigh and relax while the sky goes on forever. There are granular echoes and a very big sky with floating “PrettyStars” (12:01), a tingling blend of night sky sensations, almost underwater. The best part is when the orchestra takes form and gives a relaxing tour of the emerging lights in the sky as the tingling scene progresses. There is a lilting melodic air, this is fun and easy. I think I see a whole sky full of sweeping playful light feelings unfolding.

Things slow down, things get wider and deeper, eventually new places unfold and the story grows slightly even more uplifting and enriching. This is constantly amazing, lyrical dreams in the language of the piano with the orchestra enjoying the vista of infinity out there. The sky keeps going on forever into etherica blue. The presentation is very original, professionally executed and understated, there is room vast and unknown out there, and those little surprises I like, for example when the guitar harp comes back, and we are gliding along back into now in a minor key.


2. Epilogue

I want to say that in composing the music for Etherica Blue, George Wallace presents the work, by way of careful orchestration and arrangement, as a series of conversations between and among the instruments. I imagine that this is rather similar to how symphonies are put together – not featuring one instrument or section for very long, but more about the ensemble all together – each part in turn contributing something of value and significance to the musical statement as a whole. It works very well. The constant listener probably feels cinematically blessed.

In addition, keen listeners have observed that George usually (but not always) inserts some kind of interlude or “B section” into the middle of each piece. Thus, the compositions have a more ‘songlike’, quality – there is some actual form and structure to them. This gives the listener a ‘break’ and provides a momentary shift in perspective, a change in scenery – allowing for, presumably, the creation of an interesting musical breakaway from the “A” section. I wish that I had stayed in film school longer.

See you in the movies!


3. Where to buy the album Etherica Blue?

You can buy the album Etherica Blue at Bandcamp.

Written by Robin James, May 3rd, 2024

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