Induction GdanianInduction (Cryo Chamber)

  1. Arrival
  2. Veins of the Planet
  3. Shield Emitter (feat. Tineidae)
  4. Strange Signals
  5. The Barrier
  6. The Colony
  7. Main Block
  8. The Prospect of Our Dismal Wonders (feat. Ruptured World)

Release Details

Genre : Dark ambient, Deep Listening, Electronic, Meditative
Label : Cryo Chamber
Country : USA
Format : CD, Digital album
Date : August 23, 2022


Induction – Cryo Chamber


This is the Associate Director of the Ross 128 b Exoplanetary Colonial Mission, Dr Elliot Macrae. If you are listening to Induction, you must know that we have departed from the Expeditionary Surface Control Terminal.

Upmost in our minds was that the colonial mission itself was born out of a necessity in response to the destructive influence of human beings on Planet Earth and their unique capacity for catastrophic self-harm.

We maintain a tentative hope that, one day, when we have absorbed and comprehended the intellectual conclusions of what we will learn, we may return to the hub of our species, with an aim to share the facts and insights such as we have acquired them.


1. About the album Induction

Induction is released by Cryo Chamber, a Dark Ambient label focusing on cinematic soundscapes, deep drones, and everything in between.

Cinematic dark ambient electronic space radio signals from distant walls of some decaying deep cavern in a tense and unnerving future. The story seems to come from when we were beginning to make contact with our new overlords, long after establishing our prized distant colonies. The signals swerve from primal sources trapped forever between the electronic space ambient and interplanetary sci-fi. The presentation features stellar production, lush atmospheric dramatic drone soundscapes, and it comes with a 12-page booklet for CD and digital download. This disturbing futuristic epic message from the future was written, Produced, Performed by Sergey Gdanian, with Simon Heath’s Artwork & Mastering, the booklet text, and the vocals on track 8 are by Alistair Rennie; there are special appearances by Tineidae and Ruptured World.

Tineidae is currently based in Warsaw and is a project of Ukrainian electronic musician Pavlo Storonskyi. The signal is cautious and hopeful, there is a change when things energize. The scope constantly increases dramatically.

Ruptured World is based in Scotland, and are very skilled at using advanced field recording techniques empowered by Parafaction™ Sound Investigation Systems to intercept radio signals from any of the following: Past and future timescapes, Psychic transmissions, Paranormal activity types, Spectral traces of approximate dimensions, Fast radio bursts, Close encounters, Cosmic anomalies, or Crypto-scientific phenomena.


2. The tracks


Dark and huge, a planet is stirring in…

…elegant washes of synth and field recordings. Tension constricts slowly opening up, then… A big moment, something has become somehow, and everything has changed. Then the world returns to a dark and huge hopeless stillness. What is coming? What makes this feel like an alien force is present? “Arrival” (4:24).

The stillness is intact. Every moment that passes, the sound is growing wider, the capacity increases, the strength holds, “Veins of the Planet” (5:18). What would an alien force seek? Convenient access to resources. Deep inside the flow is powerful, all the way until the fade. The signal is cautious and hopeful, there is a change when things energize, “Shield Emitter” (5:10) (feat. Tineidae).

The scope increases dramatically, the drama sizzles, the enthusiasm for technology constantly seeks restoration and naturally expands into bigger presences, filling the available space completely. Then the long slow fade takes over. “Strange Signals” (5:46) like a lost light emerging in the fog as you proceed, the chamber fills with tiny chattering bubbles that have replaced the fog, more messages flow past and there are some that need interpretation. It is a curious accumulation, slowly fading into the darkness. The fog sparkles with layers of meaning. Darkness overtakes the fog.


Approaching slowly it looms…

…a dark force, “The Barrier” (4:34) capturing the impermanence of emotion. We might be underwater. Cautiously scouting the alien perimeter, perhaps darkness makes it expand? Mushrooming like any elaborative industry, “The Colony” (5:56). Anomalous night developments suggesting various hidden complexities. Distant industry noises, pulsing dirty steel. Fade. Now for my favorite track: “Main Block” (5:54).

A waiting room audio wallpaper weird electronic journey, hidden in the center as you stare down into deep chasms, through the digitally manipulated field recordings, perhaps this is a movie soundtrack that feels eerie and surreal, again, deeper than anticipated. Eventually the weird enthronement ceremony reveals a new epoch has begun, the arrival appears complete, now help switch to view language.

The voice! The story turns out to be based on an interception of some kind, a message fragment that suggests colonial activity has been part of the human condition, perhaps our species is unique for creating its own demise. We listen to a communication from the local authorities, possibly to the central command center, that part is not clear, which is part of the storycraft. “The Prospect of Our Dismal Wonders” (6:40) (feat. Ruptured World).


3. Where to buy the album Induction?

You can buy the album Induction at Bandcamp.

Written by Robin James, September 24th, 2022

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