METAHUMAN Sverre Knut Johansen ft. Ståle Storløkken and David HelplingMETAHUMAN

  2. HUMAN (Path Of Destruction)
  3. Unity Of Existence Through Evolution
  4. Immortal
  5. META (The Light Inside You)
  6. METAHUMAN (Extended)
  7. Fluctuations Of Awareness
  8. Miracle Of Existence
  9. Infinity Being

Release Details

Genre : Ambient, Cinematic, Deep Listening, Electronic, Soundscapes
Label : Spotted Peccary Music
Country : USA
Format : CD, Digital album
Date : September 23, 2022


METAHUMAN – Spotted Peccary Music SPM-3006


Perhaps knowledge cannot be defined through perception. This album METAHUMAN presents an opportunity for using your ears to explore impossible and fantastic landscapes inside your own mind, considering the possibilities for healing and intentional positive growth that can be cultivated, music is a catalyst for new ideas, new interpretations of the evidence we have found so far, new ways of finding more pieces to the puzzle, and new lessons to apply for how we move forward.


1. About the album METAHUMAN

Elegant mysterious melodic pulsing electronics opening an imaginary portal into deep inner space, inspired by Deepak Chopra’s book by the same name as the album title. Sverre Knut Johansen plays Sequential Prophet X and Pro 3, as well as other instruments as noted in the track details; on three tracks Ståle Storløkken plays Haken Audio Continiuum. David Helpling contributes to track 9, “Infinity Being.” This album was mastered by Howard Givens at Spotted Peccary Studios NW in Portland, Oregon.

Imagine, if you will, that we are more than we think. More even than the universe itself, because the universe is only one expression of the fundamental, grounding, metahuman source that emanates, nurtures, and transcends us all. This is an idea from Deepak Chopra, who some might say brings a new message, which is that only by going beyond everyday life can we change, perhaps to intentionally evolve, or perhaps to heal or train to rejuvenate what it means to be human.


2. The tracks

What I hear is a full force electronic symphony, in places light and sparkly, and in other places much more complex, deep and rich with textures, pulses and melodic joy. From the void comes form. From the form comes motion and dance, “METAHUMAN” (3:37) establishes the groove, a sense of wonderment is invoked, hypnotized by the brilliance of that pulsing core of light, swirling bright gas and the starlike, throbbing core. Storløkken plays Haken Audio Continiuum on this track.

Darker themes emerge on the second track, building into a solid form, the power of energy, with cogent strings stretched under a brazen sky, beneath a stupendous Sun. This is one of several space rock nuggets of the album, feeling the power of the pulse, the intoxicating colors of coarse energy. This is the longest track, it builds to a powerful beat, the strings take us to heaven and ultimately fade into mist in the end. Regarding the title, “HUMAN (Path Of Destruction)” (10:34), the word destruction is more of a prophesy than a description of the sound, the feeling is positive and provides a strong uplifting groove, destruction would surely not have such beauty.

Storløkken plays Haken Audio Continuum on the third track, “Unity Of Existence Through Evolution” (8:48), which is contemplative and gentle; the beat operates within a slow inquisitive mood with changing elements. Lift up your eyes to the sky, on towards unknown worlds of distant stars beyond the wide, uncharted reaches of deep space.


The strength builds and broadens into…

…a wide atmospheric dancing ground, a form that brings light to the world, wide circles, graceful glides, a solid beat sustains, the pulse is strong, and rising. This is a true Space Rock instrumental and you might want to grab your dancing shoes, much territory is spanned and then floats upwards, to fade into a pleasant extended darkness, “Immortal” (5:44) allows life to make sense as never before, life becomes transformed as you explore the infinite potential, the miracle of our very existence.

Sweet, slow rising layers build into a powerful pulse with sparkles, then glides upwards, into “META (The Light Inside You)” (6:24). This touches on the forever spirit again, consistent and nourishing as it wings upwards, repeating circles of light, an mbira core orbit, you might move past the limitation constructed by the mind to encounter a faint-glowing mass of vapor with a brighter core.

Then, we are all dancing slowly. “METAHUMAN (Extended)” (9:51) explores and expands, allowing for more depth and time with the spirit. The destination is a little bit different because there is more time to establish the image or formation. Storløkken plays the Haken Audio Continuum, the universe has deep resources, a finger of light into the sky, amid wisps of smoke, clouds of silver, places of secrets, old and with wisdom hidden in it.


“Fluctuations Of Awareness” (7:55) is slow and…

…thick in places, with textures and surprises that drift and fade in an atmosphere of gradual metamorphosis, I might sense alternate bands of red, blue, yellow, and white strata, a fraction of light, not the violet glimmer which had illuminated the underground ways, but ultimately provoke a ghostly radiance. Sometimes I feel almost like I am looking into a star, to look into the glowing, pulsing core, spatial sunlight unfiltered by any atmosphere. Johansen plays the HAKEN ContinuuMini on this track.

This journey echoes the sense of awe that astronomers might experience when observing outer space through telescopes, the music offers a mind-expanding view into our inner space. Layers with lots of room for a sonic light show, and suddenly the corner turns, the view changes into a night sky that goes out to forever, the track is titled “Miracle Of Existence” (7:34). Gradual deepening and layering, sustaining a slow exploration that is darker in places, always keeping a consistent pulse and life force, this is an inward spin.

On the final track, David Helpling plays guitar, synthesizers, and piano, and Johansen plays Steinberger bass guitar, in addition to his other contributions. “Infinity Being” (6:13) brings a haunting melodic atmosphere, full of depth and infinitely repeating vistas, attracting a melody that reminds us of our dream castles. This is where the limitless linger.


3. About the artists

Sverre Knut Johansen has a master’s degree in music technology from NTNU in Trondheim, Norway (2009). His first commercially released collaborative musical adventure was an EP of space rock titled Void (not on a label, 1980). Using his amazing collection of synths, electronic percussion, electric guitars, and sound design software, Johansen creates his tracks with a creativity that stimulates the ears and sparks the imagination, weaving a captivating musical tapestry. His sound’s melodies, rhythms, and textures come together, constantly evolving throughout the entire journey. He has 6 albums available on the Spotted Peccary label, and many more on other labels, such as Origo, White Horse, and his own label, Origin.

Ståle Storløkken is a Norwegian jazz musician (keyboards, organ and piano) and composer, known for finding new sounds, finding new ways of playing, writing new music, and his collaborations with artists like Terje Rypdal, BigBang, Supersilent and Motorpsycho. He is married to the Norwegian singer Tone Åse. Another one of his inspirations is the sound of Joe Zawinul of the jazz-rock group Weather Report.

David Helpling collaborated on the final track, “Infinity Being,” contributing Guitar, Synthesizers, and Piano. With Helpling, exploration is key to increasing our appreciation of the world of sound, the listening experience is about making discoveries, things that are unusual and unexpected. Chasing the Ambient Guitar dream is a big one, and Helpling absolutely loves working with synthesizers and samplers, electric guitars and keyboards. You can hear it in his strange machines interpreting or magnifying and projecting the sound, a musical guide to achieving the spiritual height and steadiness we are here for.


4. Where to buy the album METAHUMAN?

You can buy the album METAHUMAN at the store of Spotted Peccary Music and Bandcamp.

Written by Robin James, September 13th, 2022

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