Reflections On A Moonlit Lake Rudy AdrianReflections On A Moonlit Lake

  1. Mirror Island
  2. Dawn Across the Southern Ocean (Remix)
  3. Papanui Lagoon (Remix)
  4. Lunar Shadow
  5. Tantalised
  6. The Belt of Orion
  7. Midnight Angel
  8. Within the Darkness
  9. Rising Moon
  10. Reflections on a Moonlit Lake
  11. Summer Night Rain

Release Details

Genre : Ambient, Atmospheric, Cinematic, Cosmic, Deep Listening, Electronic, Meditative, Soundscapes
Label : Spotted Peccary Music
Country : USA
Format : CD, Digital album
Date : March 23, 2024


Reflections On A Moonlit Lake – Spotted Peccary Music SPM- 2606


Reflections On A Moonlit Lake is a beautiful illusion, expertly crafted and engineered to create a consistently rich and expansive atmosphere to imaginatively relax in. There are jungles of lush flowers and a sky that goes on forever, over the crisp chilled transparent water of the lake beneath the moon.


1. About the album Reflections On A Moonlit Lake

The color of moonlight, particularly around full moon, appears bluish to the human eye compared to other, brighter light sources. The blue or silver appearance of the light is an illusion. Here at the lake everything is seen reflected on the water surface, thus almost everything takes place in the sky whilst we look at the mirror below. Opening and closing with water sounds, there seem to be electronic secrets being whispered, and tiny things get your attention. Beyond the music, there are no answers revealed. Instead, the constant listener finds a presentation of attractive illusions. Maybe Reflections on a moonlight lake is the only answer that matters right now.


2. The tracks

“Mirror Island” (3:10) opens with water and flute, and there is a feeling of rising, reflecting, and flickering, with small but vital percussion. Something begins here. That glitter is burnished by the frosty dark.

Now appears a slowly spreading light from the darkness, “Dawn Across the Southern Ocean” (Remix) (5:32) was originally heard on the 2002 album collaboration with Ron Boots, Across the Silver River. Always slow and gleaming, sometimes with little noises hidden, like bubbles or microbes. That might be a bird call, the track gets more quiet with lingering spice in the air. Also originally heard on Across the Silver River, “Papanui Lagoon” (Remix) (3:49), soft and lingering, shimmering, warm and clear, but also very deep in places, the darkness keeps slowly opening. Now it must be midnight and the atmosphere is so still and clear, here comes the light in the sky getting closer.

The music feels cold and beautiful, revealing darkness with light areas moving slowly, rustling breezes swoon and eventually a form makes an even darker shade. I fear that hidden motion could mean danger. “Lunar Shadow” (3:47) on the moon is something strange, a glowing piano presence becomes most distinct at the end. Now I sense that there is a hidden landscape out there, “Tantalised” (2:47), joyfully rising slow opening glow, with angels above, flute rainbows hanging in the air and fading.


Imagine huge vistas leading up into…

…deep space and sustained tones that go on forever like a slow string of pearls and sapphires, a blue supergiant of spectral proportions, “The Belt of Orion” (6:11) is a vast sky story with lots of room for legends. Word has it that Orion’s Belt or the Belt of Orion, sometimes called the “string of three,” also known as the Three Kings or Three Sisters, is an asterism in the constellation Orion. It consists of three bright stars. They are Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. I imagine that these slow and awesome gigantic mythical monsters might never notice me, listening alone tonight.

It is so very dark now, yes, and I am signaling the angel. I hope the angel comes because it sure is dark out here. Up yonder there windy ominous secret choral signals, lingering hints way out in the darkness, floating up there above me, otherwise invisible in the gloom. “Midnight Angel” (4:14), and something stirs and soars across the sky, a cautious piano. I hear a very lonely flute, probably afraid of becoming invisible and forgotten out here. I think to cry out, to send a signal myself, trying to break the loneliness, alas, I am too late, this is forever. Now the fear dissolves “Within the Darkness” (4:09), the sound is slow and hidden but enormous flute echoes and hissing or is it something approaching, something that is really big that is breathing like that?


Feel that tension in the wind, it is time…

…to die now. I remember watching my breath go out knowing it will never come back again. My dream of awakening continues on and on, so slowly tonight. Now I feel hopeful for a clearing sky, with the moon’s increasing illumination. I think I hear some rare bells here and there, the flute slowly stronger taking more shape. It seems that the silver light makes new shadows, somehow the flute forms the edges.

In the night, the insect warriors call out, through the drifting slow resolution, “Rising Moon” (7:50). Yes, something stirs and awakens, as if a new symphony begins, rising ahead of the moon. Now the sky is huge above the water, I know that there is life out there, so much life hidden in the expanse above and below the water, “Reflections on a Moonlit Lake ” (4:50) is taking form from the wispy mists that disappear in the breeze, all is sharp and clear now. When I look down into the water there is the bottom sometimes. See? Sometimes under the water there are shadows, as surely as above the water there are distant stars.

To close the album, first bring the rain and thunder, and that passes into a slowly emerging single tone, hear the fading rain, hear the merging flute with a rich spectrum of colors. The rain is gone, and sonic events linger. I remember that It was dark everywhere, and I was alone until I noticed a slow spectrum of sounds coming from the lake after the storm. “Summer Night Rain” (7:59), the electronics emerge and time bends until the track ends in the water by the shore.


3. Epilogue

Rudy Adrian first started making electronic music while studying Forestry Science at the University of Canterbury, and in the following years at the University of Otago while completing a degree in Botany. He has since gone on to create an amazing legacy of recorded music that is awesome to behold. The natural world continues to be a common thread in Rudy Adrian’s exploration of sonic landscapes, where melody and rhythm play a secondary role to the tones and textures created by synthesizers, wood flutes and the human voice.


4. Where to buy the album Reflections On A Moonlit Lake?

You can buy the album Reflections On A Moonlit Lake at the store of Spotted Peccary Music and Bandcamp.

Written by Robin James, March 22nd, 2024

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