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Serge Bulat was featured in episode #244, broadcast on 9 May 2020

Serge Bulat - Electronic music of Brainvoyager - Electronic Fusion

Tracks played

From the album “Wurmenai”:

1. Foundations (feat. Pavel Vit)
2. The Border Song (feat. Pavel Vit)

About Serge Bulat


Serge Bulat is a Moldovan-American…

…music artist and producer, whose sound fuses electronic, contemporary classical, world and experimental genres. Serge Bulat has been involved in both European and American art scenes, exploring in various mediums: from music and visuals to radio and theater productions. His most notable works to date are “Queuelbum”, the concept project that won an IMA award for Best Electronic Album Of The Year, and the audio/visual installations “Third World Walker”, presented at music & art festivals I n more than 10 countries, including Milano Montagna Video Awards (Italy), nodoCCS (Spain), Chellavision (USA), La Plata International Film Festival (Argentina), and Video Art Forum (Saudi Arabia).

Bulat received education in Moldova, attending Academy Of Music Theater and Fine Arts, and NYU Steinhardt in the USA. The artist, along with his works, was included in conferences and symposiums such as Convergence, UK (International Conference of Music, Technology & Ideas, organized by De Montfort and hosted by the MTI2 —Institute for Sonic Creativity); JAE: Electronic Art Days 2018, Argentina (organized by the Argentine Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation); Audio Mostly, UK (A Conference On Interaction With Sound, Nottingham University); and VU 3, USA (Symposium for Experimental, Electronic and Improvised Music). Serge Bulat’s artistic approach is often perceived as a meditation on arts, philosophy, science, and society; and explores such diverse subjects as creativity, technology, reality, and identity. Frequent collaborators include multi-discipline artists Michael Rdshir, Abraham Sprinkle and Clan Balache.


Serge Bulat´s work is described as…

…”the new sound in the realm of electronic music” (Facts & Arts, France), “truly innovative” (Amazing Beats/Amazing Radio, UK) and “an ambitious project that can trigger intellectual thought” (The Deli Magazine, USA). He is honored with Best Dance/Electronica Album (IMA), Best Single Of The Year (Amazing Radio; Symphonic) and Best Artist (The Deli Magazine). In radio broadcasting, he is awarded a VIP Award for Best Radio Station (as program and creative director of Radio 21/Virgin Romania). His latest multimedia piece “Inkblot” has launched at VU 3 in Park City, Utah, along with the radio appearance on CKCU FM 93.1’s “Acoustic Frontiers.”

Serge Bulat’s new singles are “Yehy Vaya” – a collaboration with Mordovian folk band OYME (Deep Forest), sung in the language of Erzya and released in the UN proclaimed International Year Of Indigenous Languages; and “Kalah Folklore” a song in Argentinian Spanish, based on the traditional Andean coplas, featuring vocalist Miriam García (Chancha Vía Circuito). “Kalah Folklore” EP is paired with the “Wurroom” video game, an interactive art experience rooted in Bulat’s new music universe, developed in partnership with Michael Rfdshir. Both projects are setting the tone for the upcoming album, to be released in 2020.


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