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For many months, I found myself locked in my own world, only spending time with my own creations, and finding the work getting darker. An unexpected twist of fate put me in the situation of meeting someone special in unusual circumstances recently and in more ways than one, pulled me out of the dark places I was going. Even to the point of allowing me to use her photo for my ‘Moments’ track. It was not just the ability to change the direction of my music, but reason for me to rejoin social media platforms, reconnect and listen to other music.

Unreallusion has released three tracks. They can be listened to and purchased on Bandcamp.

I am fortunate, I believe to have acquired a few extra tracks beyond this, as Elena Andersson works tirelessly for perfection on new material and under other names.

Elena Andersson - Unreallusion - Electronic music of Brainvoyager

Unreallusion – Day and Night [Review]

As with all three tracks I wish to review, this track is a many dimensions piece of art. It places you into a surreal landscape, with ghostly synths flurrying around your head interrupted by spurts of screeching. You have to listen in order to experience this wild chaos. Then within moments, it transforms and out of the sombre stirrings, we move into a higher energy, with pulsating, uplifting rhythmic highs. It is breathtaking and captivating and you could wallow in this tune forever if it did not have to end. Please do yourself a favour and listen to this work.

I had this on repeat in my car yesterday. Stunning work.


Unreallusion – Treasure [Review]

I do not wish to say this piece of work is simple, on the basis of no energy or work put into it, because it does not. It has soul and empathy. It is openness and fragility make it exquisite. You feel the wide-open spaces it conjures. It is very reminiscent of Eddie Jobson, but created in a less monotonous way. It is a very striking piece of work which elevates your mood and captures your heart.

A very delightful slice of music art. Strongly recommended.


Unreallusion – Day [Review]

This track is a spin on the title and so glad that it does. Doing something obvious, in my book, is not being inventive. We need to use our minds and we should always shrive to make interesting music if you want to stand out from the crowd. There is a long intro into this work, and it slowly builds. The atmosphere is eerie and dramatic as your ears are drawn to a strange soundscape. I love how this tune plays with your musical senses.

I have listened to further tracks ‘Astral Lullaby’ & ‘Frozen Dreams’ and could offer you two further reviews, but I am led to believe these works are still in production. Anyhow, I hope I can offer and assist help to convince this young, artistic musician that perfection is viewed in many different ways and what I have heard to date is superior to many in the field.

Her vocal work is also music to your ears and reminiscent to both Sarah Brightman and female artists that have worked with Mike Oldfield. Here are the direct links to each track mentioned above:

Written by John D Whitaker, April 8th, 2022. John D Whitaker is also known as a musician and performer under his artist name 1i2c.

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